Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dirty Scraps challenge #7 up!

Hey the dirty scraps challenge is up!!
Check out the details over there.
It's a sponsored challenge so do join in the fun!

The drama of being ostracized by friends over a boy,
of being misunderstood all the time,
of being betrayed by close friends,
of being crazy over someone worthless
is finally over!

I don't normally use overlays in my layout but I was tempted by the MWL challenge so I decided to play along with overlays and a grid sketch.
My first try doing a grid with overlays so do excuse for any shortcomings!

I should do more challenges, it just helps me grow as a scrapper and I get more layouts done to justify the amount of damages I've been doing to my pocket!

Are you enjoying your weekend?!
I am!
Just celebrated my Dad's birthday and my aunts and cousins came over to stay for the weekend! I'm basking in their wonderful company! You've no idea how much I miss them!

God bless! :)


Teri said...

This is beautiful, Lynn! :)

Blue Banana said...

Hi dearie, thank you so much for your love left on my blog. I truly appreciate it! *big hug* I promise you will still see me around so do stay around to find out more. *winks*

Blue Banana said...

Sorry. Was having some problem with blogger.

Anyhoo, i think thatz a really stunning layout! I love how you placed the butterflies. And you did superz with the overlays!