Thursday, April 22, 2010


for all the love you've shown me in the last post.
I've finally experienced the magic of having a blog.
Thanks for giving me the joy of sharing my happiness and also the strength to carry on when I'm down.

I should be more responsible to my blog since I've gained so much from it.
So my note to self will be to post more regularly, maybe every 2 to 3 days?
So much to share but so little time to photograph my creations and post them up here.

Hmm I've a couple of projects to share but shall spread them out in the next few posts.
Let's start with this recent prima layout I did for a challenge at Made with love and won! :)

I seldom work with circles so I gave them a try..
It turned out really lovely..
This has gotta be one of my favourite layouts.
That's my cousin and I shopping at Suntec city.
We only get to meet ONCE a year during Chinese new year as she resides in Taiwan.
It's amazing how we hit off so well every year despite it being only a yearly affair.
So you can guess our favourite pastime from this layout.

Loving all the prima rose swirls, flowers and papers.
I've never been a big fan of their papers till the recent CHA release.
They just blow me and my savings away!

I wrote all the shops and restaurants we visited around the circles I've cut out.
I used the primitive way of drawing circles using the compass and cutting them out.
I distress and ink it with my favourite vintage photo ink from Rangers.
Guess how old my cousin is?
She's only 14!!
I'm depressingly a decade older..
See how old I look beside her?

That's my pretty long post for today.
Thanks for hanging around here..
Remained blessed dear friends!


Amanda said...

You don't look old! You look young and gorgeous. Just like the page. That is lovely. I love the flowers...the delicate touches. Very pretty.

mandysea said...

Oh my goodness!!!
Your LO is totally exquisite!!!

Your sense of colour and definition is amazing!!

skyline said...

Nice work Lynn! Love your layout!! Keep going!

Ruth said...

glad you're feeling better and all! the joy of the Lord is our strength :)

Haha, you're not old la, so pretty la you :) ooh, your cousin sure does have that taiwan vibe, her dressing and vibe. hee :P

by the way, you teach tuition as a living? what subjects? :)

shaggyfish said...

wah... dont say old in front of me... kekekeke :D
see u on sunday, ya!

Lynn said...

Oh thanks for the lovely comments about me and my layout Amanda and Mandy!

It's really hard not to feel old when you have mocking friends around you who put you down in the presence of younger girls!

That's why I love my blogging friends like you! :)

Lynn said...

Thanks for dropping by!
I'm definitely hopping by your blog in a while!

Hi Ruth!
Indeed the joy of the lord is our strength! Well said..
My cousin is a total Taiwanese!
I get to meet her only 3 years ago!
She's gorgeous I tell you!

I teach tuition for a living, English, Math and Science up to O'levels.
See you around! :)

Lynn said...

Pooi pooi dear,
See you tomorrow! :)

We will have a blast for sure!

[[Azura]] said...

This is simply stunning... :)