Sunday, May 10, 2009

It has been all good

I've finally get my last exam done! Phew!!! It's full of emotions as I finished my final paper on last Thursday. Not only because I've completed my four not-exactly-memorable years in NUS but the number of years I spent studying in my life so far. It has been a long 16 years of educational journey, 18 if you count pre-school! I feel so OLD and KNOWLEDGEABLE. lol It has been all good. The skills I learn in school are nothing compared to the life lessons I learn from meeting people from all walks of life. Really thankful that I get to be educated and I'll never pass up the chance to learn more! It really has been all good! Thank God for all I have. Though I was only given one true friend in the past 4 years, I feel really blessed. He turned out to be the man whom I love dearly! I guess these are a few of the rare pictures taken in school. Rushing here and there between tutoring and school, between burning countless midnight oil for my assignments (always one day before the deadline, bad I know!) and marking homework for the kids, between having quick chats with my poor bf and struggling with guilt every time the boyfriend has to accompany me through tuition and even attending lectures of modules he is not in.. While people my age are partying hard at clubs on ladies nights and busy socializing in campus activities, I'm like a 'ninja' in school. lol Always disappearing after lessons to teach at two places and getting the boyfriend to print my assignments in school so that he can hand in the hard copies. I feel so bad every time he begged me NOT to do my assignments so last min as he might die from a heart attack running here and there to meet MY deadlines. Gosh. I still have no idea how much shit I got him into. To the neglected friends of mine, I'm so sorry for being the busy bee for the past years. It's difficult to even fork out time to have dinner with my family at times. So a BIG apology to any 'neglected' friends and the very much 'abused' boyfriend here! I'll be free from now!! Please date me! :)

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