Sunday, May 24, 2009

Picnic at Botanical Garden!

Do you remember about my Vday dinner at Botanical Garden? I love the place so much that the boyfriend and I decided to have a picnic there at the Music Festival last Sunday! If you've never been there, you're seriously missing out on the most beautiful things in life! The scenery is awesome but my digital camera is such a letdown when it comes to taking pretty scenery pictures. (Hints to Yap: I'm patiently waiting for a DSLR!!) The SSO held a free performance for picnic-goers and we enjoyed the music tremendously. We were humming 1812 Overture by Tchaiskovy on our way home. It's just simply addictive! By the way, the salad brought by Yap didn't taste as good as it looked. Eww.. Fortunately the big hungry bear ate it all out. I really enjoyed myself a lot! Thanks dear, for lugging my big heavy basket not full of food (lol) around and preparing the food. Well, I did contribute the chicken pies and heart cheesecakes! :) Sorry for the haphazard arrangement of photos. I just can't seem to arrange them in the way I want to tell my story. This is frustrating. I wonder if anyone has tips on arranging photos for blogspot users! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. The boyfriend came down with high fever and I'm really worried. May God bless him and all of you reading this! :)