Friday, July 4, 2008

berserk maid

Today, my maid went berserk. Not the violent mad, but the "holy" mad. In her final attempt to get out of my house to "go out", she dressed herself all in white, knelt in front of my mum and begged her to make my whole family into muslims. She apparently wanted to go to the mosque to pray to god to wash away all her sins. You should see how mad she is, taking deliberate small steps all the way to the maid agency below my house. Scaring my usually-domineering mum to tears. I think it's the first time my mum's defeated by a maid. What can I say? She's acting mad. Like we're idiots, she continued her acts, trying to run away twice at the agency when I'm not present. In front of me, she's intimidated. Cos I don't take any of her conniving acts. Stupid, conniving acts. I called the police to scare her, I threatened to send her to IMH. I have to say she's one tough nut. She refused to budge. But I got my deal. The useless police is only called in so that I can claim back the money she stole from us rightfully from her pay. That bitch. WASTED my whole friday. My students ended up paying games with my stand-in tutor instead of having proper lessons. I wanted to slap her so much but luckily I managed to keep my cool. Why should a qualified, educated person like me succumb to dirtying my hands on such people? She kept begging my mum to take her back and made up stories such as being instigated by someone else. Come on, why should we waste your talent? You should go back to Indonesia and join some acting contest. I'm sure to root for you. The most heartening highlight of the day: She smiled sarcastically at me when I gave her the pay, saying she's not crazy at all. At least I know she's not really mad. That bitch.

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