Thursday, July 10, 2008

My fugly habit

I'm a perpetual latecomer. And even I myself have enough of that. It's just not suffice to say that I've a family culture of latecomers to cultivate this bad habit of mine, nor reasonable enough to say that my secondary school friends used to hold competitions to vie for the 'latest latecomer' award during outings. I just have to face it. Being incessantly late has caused me more distress than I thought. I thought that by being late for tuition, I could make up for the lost time by keeping the kids back. Wrong. I'm such a selfish tutor. Have I forgotten that the kids might have something on later? They make it a point to be early for tuition, but all I do is to keep them waiting. And releasing them late. It's not about giving more time. It just says a lot about what kind of a person I am. And the after effects of being late? Guilt, guilt, and guilt. Not only am I late for tuition. I'm late for scrapbooking classes which I paid dearly I'm late for outings with friends I hardly have time to meet up with I'm late for lectures and worst, tutorials I'm late for family dinners (my whole family's always late) I'm late for driving lessons (I overslept for the latest lesson) I'm late for appointments to salons or anything of that sort In fact, I'm late for every single appointment on my itinerary each day. I'm such a disappointing being, ain't I? Talk about living by my own principles. If I can't even correct this bad habit of mine, what principles can I ground myself on? This issue, has been bugging me for years. I need to change. It's a must.

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