Thursday, July 10, 2008

Scrapbook outing with the kids!

I'm honestly overboard. I love scrapping so much that I organise a scrapbook outing for my kids. These lil rascals are a bundle of nerves to handle! From the bottom of my heart, I wanna thank Sandra, the instructor of the day, for managing the kids so well. She's a joy to talk to, to be with.. Gonna scrap something for her to thank her! :) All in all, it's quite a successful outing, except for the few crop-ups. The kids are generally well-behaved except for one irritating kid who kept bugging me to buy a hamster for her (which I've promised) and one crybaby (I shall not mention who). Sigh.. Kids = torment! Looking really excited about the scrapping.. Finally done with their first layouts! My favourite Shannon, the glutton with Andrea! Sandra, the nicest lady boss and friend I ever met! Cylene with her new hamster. Layout no. 2 completed. Messy Hair- Checked Distressed Sandra and Ms. Yen at the end of class. What a day!

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