Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A-not-so-surprising Surprise.

To the person who cares a lot for me, thanks for being so caring and thick-skinned to give me such a "surprise"! Yeah, I guess I've changed a hell lot but hopefully, it's seen as a desirable one. I will keep this book and cherish our friendship! I really appreciate that you want to be here for me. :) Anyway I still suffer headaches when I take buses and trains, and even cabs which are in manual gear. No choice cos I've anemia as certified by my doctor. Life's never smooth and sailing. I'm sure everyone else has his/her ups and downs. And I'm no exception. Just get used to my whines here! Cos this is an outlet for me to whine, whine and whine! lol I'm sure you'll make a very good buddy! (especially if you convert to being Arsenal fan. hehe) xoxo, wuling *Change is the only thing in this world that will never change* How true it is.

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