Saturday, July 5, 2008

Made WIth Love Day

I call today MWL day.
Cos I broke a record again. I literally camped in MWL for 12 whole hours! That's even crazier than what I did for the overnight crop (10pm to 7am) Today I completed my Masters class with Gladys, Lena and others. In between the class, we were going in and out of class, hoarding scrap supplies. Yummy snacks served during class! That's Me, Gladys and Lena! We pride ourselves as hoarders cos we buy more than we scrap! Arrgh!! I'm so so so guilty. Anyway, for my dear friends who have no idea what I'm currently mad about, Made with Love is my favourite scrap supplies store at Plaza Singapura. They have the nicest papers you can ever imagine, not to mention the exorbitant price tags that come along. What to do? Scrapbooking is really for rich tai tais or poor souls like me who have no husband to give financial support! I'm like cutting down on my clothes, shoes, skincare and everything I love Just to buy scrap supplies. To make nice scrapbook layouts and altered art. My loot today: $225 Bonus layout done during class It's such a joke cos I've never been an arty fatsy person. Even KIDS put me to shame with their doodles. Then again, who would've thought a slacker, who slept from the first lesson to the last lesson (skipping recess) in sec sch/jc, who earned Mr Naresh's "vuling, please get a withdrawal form from the office and check yourself out of MJC!", who would never do my homework other than at the benches outside class(was exempted from class due to good behaviour ;p) like yours truly to be such a dedicated tutor now??!! LOL Life, is so unfathomable. Hehe I'm really a dedicated one k, I'm bringing my tuition kids for a private scrapbook party (under their request) at MWL. My pocket hurts like crazy, it was bombed a grand total of $350 for the class alone. Hope the kids will have fun!! hee

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