Sunday, July 13, 2008

Why we love to drink

Why we love to drink.. Look at all these drunkards. They look so happy when they drink. I look happy when I drink rootbeer too. :) lol Why we look silly.. It's a headgear party! There are three burglars with beanies. (See Jing, Liony and Seow) One hip-hop wannabe birthday girl. (See lucky) One ah pek (See Sammi) One who wore the hairband since JC days (See Lumpy) One with an invisible head gear. One princess wannabe me One mental patient who thought that we're having a picnic (Fun :P) Make me act crazy with her. hahaha Why I love them.. They never let you down in good or bad times. Make you feel especially good on your birthdays (by ignoring you during photo-taking) Do crazy things like croaking like a duck during taboo and expect you to say Kermit the frog. Suggest punishments for losing in open numbers and kena all of them! Making the effort to call our ex tutor and hear him bitch about a bitch! Carrying you home when you're dead drunk, even when you vomit on them Sending you home when you're dead drunk, even when you call the kind soul a taxi driver and got slapped for it. Clearing up the mess together without any complaints! (Something I'll never get to see before I met them) Forgiving you for every bad thing you do, sadly not directly praising you for the good things you do. LOL At the end of the day, Just wanna remind myself not to take these wonderful friends for granted because I don't think I can do without them! :)

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