Monday, January 25, 2010

Digging deep

I feel really ashamed, really..

When I started scrapbooking, I was hooked not only to the beautiful supplies that caught my eyes, but the meaning behind scrapping that caught my heart.
I wanted to scrap about how I feel about a picture, an idea or something to get off my chest.
Most part of my life has been lived in negativity and I wanted that to reflect in my layouts!

Never once did I have the courage to stick negative titles because every scrapper out there churned out layouts with a positive view.
Another reason NOT to do negative layouts or post negative posts is that you don't wanna be caught putting down people you love or loved.
So halfway through, I lost focus and was looking for the good things to scrap.

The closest I could get to share my really deep inner thoughts was this

I was afraid to share this..
So how did I become ashamed all of a sudden?

Visit this and you'll know why.

Pinky has balls of courage that are unrivalled.
She doesn't scrap only the good, she scraps the bad too!
I feel ashamed because I've no courage to scrap the bad past, the bad emotions but because of her inspiring challenges, I am going to go all out to scrap WHATEVER I want!

She is living up to what I think she and this challenge blog are all about!
Amazing isn't she?
Please take some time to read the brave and powerful journaling of Pinky and the other talented ladies here.
You can continue to leave your guesses for the previous post, and I feel so loved by all your wonderful comments!! :)


Carla said...

Cant wait to see what you come up with for the next challenge. We all have a hard time scrapping negative, but its part of life right? So dig deep girl, hang in there and cant wait to see what you do!

Teri said...

I am right there with you, girl! I want to be brave just like you do!! While I think it's healthy to focus on the good, it's delusional to think that's all there is...and whether we are scrapping for ourselves or for future generations, honesty is important! Thank you so much for your help with the blinkie-issue...your suggestion worked like a charm! Love your blog - you have a great sense of style. Can't wait to see what you create next! Take care and thanks again! :)

jazsutra said...

Lynn, This post is so meanhingful.great page there. Looking forwrad to see your next page ;)

btw, your mini "love thee" is sooo cute!!! makes me drool ;)

Have a blessed week ;)

Lynn said...

Thanks Carla, Teri and Jaz for your insights on this post!
I'm terribly blessed to have such kind words from you girls..
Whoever said that scrapping is a lone activity?