Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sneaky peeky 2

Joanna you're one lucky girl!!
Double winner! Congrats!
I'm gonna tweak the rules a little for this game, each of you can comment once and I'll draw a name from those who got the option right.
I think it's fairer due to the different time zones! :)
Here is sneaky peeky 2!
Guess the title!

1) Beauty queens
2) Glam queens
3) Queens galore

Thanks so much for contributing the random guesses.
This is so fun!! :)
Will be back tomorrow to reveal sneaky peeky 3.

1 comment:

skyline said...

WOO! I can't believe I won twice!! But can I tell you how fun this guessing game is? I'm enjoying it heaps!

Ok my guess is 3)Queens Galore but I'm not confident I'm right..but just went with my gut!